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Eric Wang noted

One of the best Chinese restaurants in Düsseldorf!! They are specialised in BBQ styled food. You can select from non-spicy to very spicy. Recommend to try the chicken feet, sausage, mushroom, chicken stomach and so on. They also offer various soft drinks from China. Very much worthy to try!!

Leon Cibet noted

It was a bit difficult to choose whether to give 3 or 4 stars. If I had the option, I would've went for 3 and a half. Our experience was all in all okay. We ordered a couple of skewers in various spice levels. The skewers themselves were quite small. If you're very hungry, you'll have to order a lot, like really a lot of skewers. Also, additional spice levels seem to increase the heat mainly by adding more spices. If you're into spicy food, the heat should be no problem even at higher levels, but to be honest, the spice to meat ratio made eating a bit unsatisfying since all you taste is the spice powder since there's so little meat on the skewers. For lower levels of heat the flavor of the meat was alright. The lowest spice level might already a bit too spicy for people who can't handle spice, but what are you doing here if you don't like spicy food, right? The main dishes are not exactly what you'd typically envision as mains either. It's stuff like a bowl of rice or a small to medium sized portion of noodles. All in all, the food was okay. The small portions make you order more, so it might end up a bit on the pricier side if you're actually hungry. Service was good though. Staff was friendly and we barely had to wait for our food.

Small Potato in DE noted

a bit pricey, but it’s still very nice have such a great and original Chinese stew restaurant in Düsseldorf. The decoration is also very similar to the bbq restaurant in China. will definitely go again! Like the beef/ chicken/ eggplant in alu bowl and rice noodles the most!

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